Before Christmas I spent a few weeks working on some prints for the exhibition ‘Little stories; Little prints’ which is opening at the Little museum in Stephen’s Green in our fair capital city on next Saturday at 5 pm. You are of course all invited and if you follow this blog and I don’t personally know you and you are at the opening please do introduce yourself.


This exhibition is hosted by the Leinster printmaking studio in Clane, Co. Kildare, of which I am a member, and there are also many guest exhibitors from other studios.

It is based on the 1916 rising but the brief was to find some of the lesser known stories around the main events of the rising and to make a small print – paper size 20 x 20 cm – and an edition of at least twenty for each story. There are so many stories, as can be seen from the variety of work produced. The invitation has a tiny image of each print.  Invite: click this link to see it much more clearly.


I had learned a lot about Irish history of that period during the summer because of some research work I undertook, so I felt very knowledgeable for once.


First plate- carborundum on sealed card- used to print the base yellow and reddish colours .

I loved Padraig Yeates book ‘A City in Wartime’ and my ideas came from reading that book in particular. One of the prints was inspired by the story of Louisa Nolan, a young girl who ran out onto Mount St Bridge during heavy gunfire to stop the fighting so that some of the injured soldiers could be taken away and looked after. I used three different plates to make this print and it was a nightmare to print but that’s a story in itself. Let’s just say that I often work intuitively and that does not lend itself well to making an edition of prints with several plates. (Note to self- keep it simple in future and plan it properly. Duh!)


Third plate: Drypoint and carborundum on copper for black outlines and shadows .




Second plate- photoetch on aluminium, printed in a warm greyish colour.











The Finished print:Louisa Nolan print

cards and guns 2




The second print I made was inspired by a story about Michael Collins forcing his way into a card game at the Keating branch on Easter Sunday night. (that was a doddle to print in comparison…).






This is a link to the publication that documents the exhibition-

It will be for sale at the various venues as well as the prints. You can click on the links to each artists work and see the images and read the stories behind them and also see the list of venues that the exhibition will travel to over the next year. Two of each print have been framed so that the work can be shown concurrently in different places.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the venues.

(Phew! Now back to writing that novel – 6,455 words so far)





One thought on “‘Little Stories;Little prints’ – from the rising 1916

  1. Sound very interesting Eileen and the prints appear to be worth buying for the occasion. Looking forward to it.

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