Approaching Corris

I have headed off again- this time back to Corris in Wales for four weeks. The last month has been full of all kinds of stuff other than creative pursuits not least being ongoing problems with the car. I have had everything fixed that could be fixed in relation to the oil and last Friday my mechanic assured me that there could not be anything else to fix. …..The oil light came on again just as I was about to board the ferry. I kept going….it seems to come on when the engine gets warm and then be ok after a rest. Must be an electrical problem at this stage….perhaps one of you



has a magical solution for me?

  I`ll be doing very little driving over the next few weeks but then this is such a magical place for walking that there is no need other than to go to the market in Machynnleth once a week. Corris is at the bottom of the Snowdonia national park – an old slate mining village nestled in the hills. I am in Stiwdio Maelor with three other creative people. I have a studio for the first week and will be in the writers room after that. 

I have great plans… meanwhile unfortunately I am missing the opening of the exhibition `Contemporary printmaking from Ireland` in Lessedra gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria. I am honoured to have 3 large prints in it and would have loved to go if it had not clashed with this residency. I am also disappointed to miss the opening of the Leinster Printmaking studio 20th anniversary exhibition in Kilcock Art gallery. My `lady at the market` is making her debut at this exhibition and I`m looking forward to making more in this series. There is also the launch of the New Roscommon Writing Anthology 2014-2018 this month and I am delighted to have a short story included. How come everything seems to happen when I am away?!

The sun has been shining since I came and I am looking forward to making good work and getting really fit and healthy. More anon…

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