The boxes are not all unpacked in the new house but I have left it again to come back to beautiful Corris in Wales. The residency was booked long before I thought of selling and moving and naively when my house sold very quickly I assumed I would be well settled by September. Roll on the solicitors and chain of houses to be sold and missing documents …

Two cats enjoying the quiet life and unimpressed by my approach.

This morning I am sitting at my desk by the window in Studio Chwech, the sun is shining and the exhaustion of house moving and packing and unpacking and trying to sort everything out in a hurry is lessening. Yesterday walking down through the village it seemed to me that I have never been in a more beautiful place. There’s something here that seems out of time.

The view is of the roof of the house across the narrow street with the forest rising steeply up the hill behind it. Two windows, a section of slate roof and a chimney which is really solid and clear and strong against the softness of the green foliage behind.

A bird is sitting on a telegraph wire looking around and I too am looking at all the possibilities of my residency. I have spent the last few days relaxing, reading and walking in the forest and by the river. And thinking and jotting down some ideas and drawing. Last year I was totally focused on writing my novel- this year I am happy to respond to the space, to reengage with the creative part of the brain that was pushed aside in the huge upheaval of moving house.

Exploring a new track up the hill through the forest every day.

I feel very lucky.

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