Novel progress: 19,300. Four weeks. Hmm, a bit behind…


I am heading off to the Tyrone Guthrie centre in Annamakerrig this morning for a week. It was the home of the theatre director Sir William Tyrone Guthrie until he died in 1971, very kindly leaving it to the Irish state as an artist’s retreat.  I’m really excited to finally be getting there. So many writers and artists that I know have been there and have sung its praises- everything provided – quiet space to write and think all day, beautiful grounds to walk in or just look out at, a library and to end the day a communal dinner for all the residents every evening at 7 o clock where like-minded people get to meet and chat over lovely food and a great atmosphere and by report much wine might also be consumed!

Last year I booked two weeks there at the end of February but then my daughter broke her ankle and had many hospital appointments so I cancelled one of those weeks, and then  I broke my elbow the week before so that was the end of that. Neither of us has ever broken a limb before so that was rather strange…. And then the money put aside for it disappeared what with hospital treatments etc and the year wore on.

Two weeks ago the Timing belt went in my car- well before its time may I add- and wrecked the engine. I hope that it is not a sign that I am really meant to stay at home, but I finally got the car back on Friday so I’ll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed all the way to Monaghan. There is a resident ghost in the house by all accounts, which inhabits one room in particular. If I am billeted there maybe I will get to find out a little more about the workings of other influences in our lives.  I am interested already in exploring the idea of non linear time, of other shadowy lives coexisting with ours so it could be an interesting experience – ha ha the reality is I’ll probably run for my life if anything scary happens…

I am about 700 words behind on my 5000 words a week plan- last week was a bit hectic but this week will be writing heaven ..and reading and thinking…and there’s a character in my novel who drifts in and out of time spaces so I may get some extra research….more anon…all roads lead to Monaghan!


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