My Cottage. No 3

I am on a residency in Cill Rialaig in Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry.  It’s over ten months since I was in Wales and last updated this blog though it’s often been on my mind. Blame it on settling in to the new house, on getting my studio built and organised, on trying to plant and structure the garden…a yet unfinished masterpiece.

The living area and studio before I messed it up.

My bedroom up under the eaves with a view of the Atlantic through the window.

I am thrilled to be here in Cill Rialaig in the artists village- a collection of seven artists cottages, a ‘Meeting house’ (Tigh Chomhra) and a laundry and maintenance cottage. The setting- a cliffside on the way to Bolus head with the Atlantic below.

View from my front door this morning.

I arrived in the sunshine last Monday- it’s great to be here in summer this time. The red of fuchsia is in bloom all over the hedges,  there’s orange montbretia and swathes of wild purple flowers on long stalks – purple loosestrife maybe?-and the sun is shining and glinting over the water. Yesterday I felt as if a heaviness had lifted and ideas and imagination come to the surface. I spent the whole day finishing and editing  a short story- later today I am planning to draw and paint. I deliberately did not bring any print materials with me as I want to use this time to reengage with painting- returning to figurative landscape as source too.

I walked up the road towards Bolus head in the sunshine this morning but didn’t go to the top and now the day is so clear that I think I should try it again after I post this. Tomorrow may be wet and windy …For now I’ll post some photos of the cottages and the surroundings , hopefully I’ll be adding some sketches in the next one. I’ll be uploading lots more photos on Facebook so if you want to see more of the surroundings you can check that out.

Blood moon

Who is shining that bright light at me?

I took some photos last night at the time of the eclipse around ten o clock. We had a fairly clear view of the moon until the clouds took over. Later around 1 am I was woken by really bright light through the window behind my head and it was the moon out from behind the clouds and the light reflecting on the surface of the sea. So beautiful and eerie.

2 thoughts on “Cill Rialig 2018 1

  1. Carmel

    The setting is beautiful. The cottage is a gem. You are obviously inspired by the place. Lucky you to see the blood moon. Invisible to us here in Kildare. Heavy cloud and heavier rain!!! The park is greening and the plants have perked up

  2. It sounds idyllic, plenty of great scenery and quiet-time to knuckle down. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the finished paintings.

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