I am delighted to have been invited to be a featured reader at the next session of The Listeners which takes place tomorrow night at Eden house in Rathfarnham.

I love reading my work to an audience- there must be a lost performer in me perhaps somewhere back in another life. I have not been to this session before- it takes place once a month, perhaps the last Monday of the month and I believe that it is a very friendly session – as most of them are in my experience. Thanks to Daragh Bradish and Paul Ragezzi for inviting me.

I met Daragh and Paul  at another open mic  ‘The Sunflower Sessions’ which takes place on the last Wednesday of every month and this month is moving venue from Jack Nealons in Capel street to The Beerhouse in the same street. (24th at 7.30 pm.)  I used to be a regular at that one and I try to get there whenever I can but sometimes life gets in the way.

Also recently I have started to attend Kenneth Nolans ‘The Merg Poetry and Prose Showcase’ in the Civic Library at the square in Tallaght. It’s on a Saturday afternoon at 1.30- usually the first or second Saturday of the month and is a really supportive environment.

The thing about open mic sessions is that they are totally inclusive – people read who have never read their work in public before and gain confidence every time they read, and regulars get to know each other and it’s great to meet other writers and chat.

I have not posted here in some time as I have been concentrating on sending out my book and editing and I also took up my paintbrushes again- more of that anon- but also I am getting my house ready to put it on the market so I can downsize and get rid of the mortgage. So for the next while things will be pretty much all over the place..including my head. Let’s see what becomes of it!

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